I love drawing, painting, sculpting, in fact any type of art.  I work with a variety of media and materials, these include silk painting and batik as well as traditional painting materials.  I am currently enjoying working with photographs and photo shop, using my computer as a sketch book to create initial ideas for my paintings.  I love colour, shape and pattern and like my work to be bright, cheerful and beautiful.  I want people to look at it and be happy and inspired.

I teach art and design and have done for the past thirty two years, I find it very rewarding, teaching students how to see, record and explore different ideas and techniques through art and at the same time the teaching informs my own art practise and keeps me up to date with new ideas, techniques and thinking.

I studied at Goldsmiths and Hull College of Art and Design gaining an honours degree in sculpture and initially taught ceramics.  Art is so exciting and varied and  is constantly changing and as an artist my work is evolving all the time.